About Us

In 2012 i get in contact with my wife. In 2017 we get married and have like to stay together. We want to grow up in Germany, with my German Company IHS.

But the German immigration (Meißen, Saxony) don’t like immigrants from Macau – they speak rassitic words to me and my wife. They kick my wife out of Germany.

That’s why me changed the plan together and I move November 2021, middle in the pandemics time to Macau S.A.R.  – Love is bigger than the racist immigration office in Germany!


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Symbiosis of Macau and Saxony


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Symbiosis of Macau and Saxony

Our story

I can’t read and understand Cantonese, so I have no chance to work easy in Macau. All my school before is nothing, because I can’t talk with the ppl. Not everybody speak English in Macau.

So I get the only one Chance to make my own company. 

First I get the „Kleinert-Agency“ in a private company. But nobody accept a private company. So I change in 2023 to the „Maxcony Co. LTD“. 

Macxony stands for the connection between Macau and my homeland of Saxony.
I’m helping some friends from before with import/export.
Unfortunately, some friends show their true colors when you live a little closer to you.
In 2021, friends (?) from Hangzhou begged me to find them a partner who would quickly buy a few containers. I was promised a high commission – I’m still waiting for that after almost 10 containers.
I’m also removed from the „friends list“ and am largely ignored.

I found another very good friend in China who wants to work with me, but now my friend and buyer in Europe has his head in the sand.

Another partner in Taiwan, an old friend of mine, flew with me to Europe to buy cars. I gave him the best connections, a lot was promised, unfortunately things aren’t any better in Taiwan when it comes to loyalty to partners. I wasn’t even able to cover my costs (the time anyway), also after 6 containers.

That’s why I’m shifting my main business to affiliate marketing. I practiced it 30 years ago and now learned it again in a master class in 2021. It makes more sense to stand on your own two feet than to depend on so-called good friends.

Maybe I can find a partner somewhere in the world who wants to earn real money for my connections to China.
There are many money printing machines, import is one of them.